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Unlimited video requests
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Check out the video styles

We specialize in video editing and have the capability to create videos that match your video needs.

Web App Videos

Easily show what your Web App is capable with short explanatory videos, ideal for SaaS.


Youtube Videos

Scroll stopping Youtube videos. Best for creating consistent content on a monthly basis.


Digital Display Loops

Simple yet impactful graphics animated in a loop, ideal for increasing brand awareness .


FAQ Videos

Videos answering customer questions to enhance sales and customer support efforts.


Video Ads

Engaging 2D animations designed for social media and digital advertising campaigns.


Podcast Audiogram

Content that combines audio, sound wave animations, captions, and images to boost podcast traffic.


Product Demos

Videos demonstrating how a product or service can effectively solve specific problems to persuade potential customers.



Still images enriched with subtle, looping animations that blend videography and photography.



Eye-catching animations used to convey messages, explain processes, promote products, or highlight offers.


Logo Animation

Animated versions of logos that bring brands to life and resonate with audiences for greater impact.


Animated Typography

Text and motion combine to create attention-grabbing and expressive content suitable for various platforms.


Interview Videos

Capture conversations and showcase expertise, share insights, or provide information.


See all video examples

Create Unlimited
Video Designs

We can help you with almost everything you might need in the video design department.

Adding Thumbnails

Animating Static Designs

Basic & Advanced Gifs

Educational Videos

Editing Raw Footage

About Us Videos

Company Culture Videos

Ui/Ux Animations

Testimonial Videos

Text Overlays

Template Customization

Simple Explainer Videos

Social Media Videos

Short Form Videos

Long Form Videos

How it works

With a simple subscription, access to quality video editors.

1. Exploration call

We will setup a video call to make sure we are on the same page with you and your team.

3. Receive

Get matched with a vetted Video editor. Receive project updates or finished task within 24-48 hrs.

Why Work with Us?

LeoModo makes outsourcing post-production tasks a no-brainer by eliminating the most common pain points of the industry.

Engaging & high quality videos

Enjoy the benefits of a professionally created video, making it affordable for creators and businesses of all sizes.

7x Faster Than Hiring In-House
66% Less Employment Cost per Month
5* Average Customer Rating

Finally get your time back

We ensure your video is fully optimized for views and take care of all the time consuming video editing process.

Scalable Remote Workforce
Dedicated Project Manager


If you are not jumping into shark-infested waters to get our service in the first 14 days.
We will provide another 14 days for free.


1 Active Video Editing At A Time



Unlimited Video Editing Requests
Unlimited Revisions
1-4 Days Turnaround
Free Stock Images, Videos, Audio
Pause or Cancel Anytime
Up to 2 Brands, Daily Updates
Dedicated Project Manager
1 Active Video Editing At A Time
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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About Us

Leomodo is an initiative of Get Camera Crew.
Our mission is simple: to enable everyone to focus on creating content and outsource video editing to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LeoModo?

TLDR: LeoModo is an agency with skin in the game. We take accountability and feel responsible for the outcome. We measure the success of deliverables with your growth.

Long version: If you are looking for a professional video editing company that offers top-quality services at affordable prices. Look no further! Our video editing agency is here to meet all your needs. Whether you need corporate video editing services or digital video editing services, we've got you covered. We are one of the top video editing companies, providing professional video editing services to clients worldwide. We also offer a convenient monthly video editing service, where you can enjoy unlimited video editing for a flat fee. As a leading video editing services company, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results. Contact us today to hire a professional video editor near you.How do I request a new task or project?

How do I request a new task or project?

During your onboarding, we will send you a link to your unique request form connected to your client board.
Every time you have a task or project to delegate, you can fill out the form, and your project manager gets a notification.  

Ideally, you fill up the task queue with multiple tasks with different priority statuses so we can grab the next request when we are done or stuck with another one to avoid wasting time.You will see all requests on your task board.

Do I communicate directly with the video editors?

Communication is often one of the most challenging aspects of a virtual work relationship.  Our talents are usually not native English speakers and like to focus on what they do best.We hire primarily based on technical and creative skills. Customer service skills are not really on our list for these roles. 😉Therefore, we will give you a dedicated project manager who will take over all the communication and act as the middle man/woman between you and the talent.

 This way, we can respond faster to your questions and have one person who understands your business and preferences and can brief new talents when you need them without repeating yourself.

The videos created can be simple 2D animation, Web App recordings or Remote webcam shoots. We work our video editing magic to make these shine!

How does your pricing work?

Let's describe it this way: Imagine you hire a full-time video editor or motion graphic artist on a monthly salary.
As long as the person works for you, you can request all your tasks and projects, and they will work on all your requests one at a time (because multitasking is a myth 😉).

You basically decide what tasks you delegate to this person. Some tasks will be done in 15 mins, and some projects might take multiple months.  The problem is that this one hire has a limited number of skills because nobody is great at everything. For example, great video editors are hardly ever amazing motion graphic designers.  With LeoModo , you have access to a team of vetted video editors, videographers and producers with various specialties. We take over all your requests and work on them one after the other, while your project manager keeps an eye on everything and ensures the right person gets the job done.You can add a talent to your account if you need to work on multiple requests or projects simultaneously. This allows you to scale your video production operations up and down every month based on your current workload.  You pay us monthly flat rates with no hidden fees and long-term contracts.

Note: We don't offer project or per-task pricing

What kind of tasks and projects can I request?

We distinguish requests between tasks and projects.  

A task is a simple piece of work that can be done within one working session or in a few days. E.g., a short event highlight video.

A project is everything that requires planning and multiple working steps and can not be completed in a few days. E.g., a detailed conference video with testimonials and interviews.

Please keep in mind that the mentioned turnaround time is a basic estimate. Some tasks could take only an hour, and we complete a few of your requests in the task queue within one day, but we usually only send you one daily update report at the end of every working day.

What constitutes '1 hr of updates each month'?

We will recommend changes to the video and the the one-hour of updates includes to any changes or modifications you'd like to make on your video each month. This could include updating content, adding new images, videos, or making small layout changes.
Don't worry, you can always ask for more hours if needed.

How many videos can I expect?

If you have simple videos - like only trimming some parts - this could take a 4 hours.

If you have a complex and longer video to edit, this can take 1-4 days.

We will simply work on the projects and task one by one.

Are there any contracts?

No contracts. You can cancel anytime.